Anton Chekhov: Where does love come from?

Where does love come from? How far questions of personal happiness are of consequence in love?

Audio book collection of stories by Anton Chekhov united by the theme of love featuring: About Love, The Helpmate, Polinka. Chekhov exposes many facets of human love in this collection: romantic love, platonic love, unrequited love, nostalgic love, parental love, adulterous and mysterious love. Read in English (unabridged).  Get it on Amazon  Audio

Each story in this collection brings us close Chekhov’s vision and understanding of complex human love relationships. Chekhov’s own relationship with Miss Avilova formed the basis for his story About Love. Miss Avilova compared Chekhov with ‘busy bee who flies about and is happy to collect honey from just about anything on its way’ upon publication of this story and Chekhov quickly responded to Miss Avilova, ‘You are being unkind towards your busy bee. The bee first sees bright beautiful flowers and only then collects honey from them’.

Anton Chekhov About Love

Anton Chekhov About Love

Stories in this Audio Book:

01 About Love
02 The Helpmate
03 Polinka

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